Monday, 28 September 2015

Summer Cup Finals

A Great day out!

The Club competed in a record 4 Summer Cup Finals yesterday in Rushbrook . After a terrific campaign over the Summer Ennis made it to the following finals: Grade 6 Mens, Grade 5 Ladies, Grade 4 Mens and Grade 4 Ladies. All teams represented the Club with great passion and played some marvellous tennis with the Grade 4 Mens bringing home a Summer Cup to the Club. Well done to all players and a big thank you to the supporters who made the trip to Cobh.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Championship Results 2015

Congratulations to all Finalists in this year’s Club Championships. After 13 days and 113 matches the results on Finals day were:

Mens A Singles Winner: Ciarain O’Brien Runner Up: Aidan Clancy

Ladies A Singles Winner: Alice Twomey Runner Up: Helen Gallery

Ladies A Doubles Winners: Ann Gallery and Helen Gallery Runners-Up: Teresa Curtain and Elizabeth Tuohy

Mens A Doubles Winners: Dave Keane and Ciarain O’Brien Runners –Up: Dave Quinn and Chris Rudland

Mixed Doubles Winners: Sarah McSwiney and Dave Quinn Runners Up: Kerry Hudson and Ciarain O’Brien

Mens B Singles Winner: Aidan Clancy Runner Up: Jude McKenna

Ladies B Singles Winner Nicola Tassie Runner Up: Aine Jones

Mens B Doubles Winners: James Jones and Dave Enright Runners Up: Bill Twomey and Aidan Clancy

Ladies B Doubles Winners: Aine Jones and Nicola Tassie Runners Up: Ann Twomey and Dymphna Power

Mixed B Doubles Winners: Aileen Daffy and Noel Gavin Runners –Up: Nicola Tassie and James Jones