Friday, 28 February 2014

New Booking System

Dear Member,

Next week we will begin trialling a new online booking system in the club. The software has been developed by Acebook ( You will receive an email with registration instructions for the new system between Monday and Tuesday next (March 3rd and 4th). Members who haven't given an email addresses to the club will receive their new information by text/phone call from the club after we receive it from Acebook.
In order to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, we are structuring the change over as follows:

• For matches to be played between Friday 28th February and Tuesday 4th March - members should continue to book using the club's current system.

• Matches to be played from Wednesday 5th March onwards – members should wait to receive their credentials for the new Acebook system next week, and make their booking on the new system which will be available when their account is validated.

• You will not be able to book matches beyond Tuesday 4th March on the current system.

• The PC in the clubhouse bar will change over to links for the two new Acebook booking pages on Tuesday evening, ahead of the full launch on Wednesday 5th.
Members should be aware of the following differences between the current system and the new one prior to launch next week:

• On the Acebook software, Tennis and Badminton have separate booking systems - Only dual-membership holders have access to both. Single sport members (i.e. Tennis Only or Badminton Only) have access their own sport only. There will be separate links added for both systems next week. Dual membership holders will receive two emails with separate registration details for both systems.

• The new software can be accessed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and members at the information meeting yesterday could also open it on their smartphones.

• The booking slots on Badminton courts are being reduced from 60 minutes to 45 minutes. Tennis slots remain as 60 minutes.

• Badminton coaching/training times are unchanged by these new slot times. Please arrive for your sessions as normal.

• The new system forbids players from booking more than one court for the same time slot.

• The new system will enforce the clubs existing booking rules regarding the length of time singles and doubles matches can be booked for. Singles matches may book for one slot only. The new system will not allow a singles match to be booked for two consecutive slots. Doubles matches may book for one slot or two consecutive slots.

• For the initial weeks of the trial, peak times are in force on the new system from Monday to Thursday at evening time for both tennis and badminton. Peak times are 6pm-10pm for Tennis, and 8pm-11pm for Badminton.

• Players are permitted to book up to two slots during peak hours at a time. Players can only book other peak time slots after they've completed their first booking. In practice this means that if a player books a 2 slot game of doubles for a Monday evening - they cannot book another peak time slot for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening until this first booking is played. Players accustomed to making multiple evening bookings on weekdays will need to be mindful of this restriction.

• Court usage is monitored and reported on by the software, and these rules regarding peak-times can be reviewed and amended if usage figures suggest that they aren’t the most effective way of facilitating effective court usage for our members.

• All other times are considered off-peak (i.e. mornings and afternoons from Monday - Thursday, and all day Friday-Sunday). Players may book up to 4 off-peak slots in addition to their peak slots (i.e. players can have six slots booked in total, provided no more than two of them are for peak times).

• Finally, guests are not allowed to book their own court – they must be signed in by a member. This member takes responsibility for ensuring the guest fees are paid, and details of all such guest bookings are automatically reported to the club treasurer by the software, to facilitate easier cross-checking with guest fees received.
We ask for your patience during the transition, particularly with respect to communicating registration details to members who have not shared an email address with the club. Acebook strongly recommend users link their account with an email address, as most of the features of the software (including recovering lost usernames and passwords) are handled by email.
Hopefully the new system will facilitate a better experience for all our members, and we welcome your feedback regarding the new software at the upcoming AGM on March 20th.

Jason Comerford

Friday, 21 February 2014

Resanding Courts 1, 2 and 3

Due to the amount of black silt deposits on Courts 1, 2 and 3 the sand has compacted and wont let the water through. This is as a result of airborne pollutants such as dust, building matter, surrounding trees etc. The courts were resanded last in 2010 and are normally done every 5 years. Due to the severity of the problem the Management Committee has asked Court Care Ireland to resand the courts as soon as possible. The club has also applied for a Sports Grant towards the cost of a new Tiger Court (E22,000) on Court 1. If a grant does come through it may be possible to lay the Tiger Court early next year.

Tennis Winter League Results

Section 1 Winner M Flanagan & F Owens R-Up R McNamara & W Doherty.

Section 2 Winner R Brehony & P Murray. R-Up B Foran & N Gavin.

Section 3 Winner N Tassie & E Grennan R-Up M F Darcy & G Ruane.

Section 4 Winner J Singpurwala & P McEllistrim. R-Up T Byrne & D McNamara.

The new court booking system

The new court booking system will be demonstrated by Jason Comerford next Thursday the 27th Feb at 7pm at the club. Everyone is advised to attend.

The Club AGM Thursday March 20th

The Club AGM will be held on Thursday March 20th at 8pm at the club. Any motions must be left in the office C/O Secretary Ann O'Hanlon by Tuesday 4th March. If you are interested in going on next years Management Committee please contact Ann for details.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Irish U15 Badminton Championships

Number 1 seeds Karen MacNamara and Lana Browne were defeated in the Irish Girls Doubles Final last weekend in Dublin. Lana also narrowly lost the Irish U15 Mixed Final with Paul Reynolds from Dublin. Alexandra Troy also had an excellent weekend in reaching the semifinal of the Girls Doubles with Sarah Pingree from Tipperary.