Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Championship 2016 Rules

This year's event is now active on Tennis Ireland Tournament Software website. Entries can be submitted online at: 4DCD-AC9D-5B0DDCBFD92E

 The deadline for entries is the 19th of August 18.00. The following rules apply:

 A Players Munster Grade 3-4 or higher

 B Players Munster Grade 5-6

 All players may enter A events irrespective of Munster Grading

 Juniors must be over 16 and Play in the A Competitions

 Players who have won a B Doubles Title since 2014 must play A Grade irrespective of Munster Grade in

that event

 Players who have won a B Singles title since 2014 must play Grade A in all events

 If a player is only available for the 2nd week, he/she will be limited to 2 events

 All players are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to schedule time