Monday, 14 December 2015

Mulled Wine and Mayo DJ Rock the Christmas Party

A Big Thank You to Alan "You Got to Listen to this" Loftus, who rocked the Christmas Party until Late with his varied selection of music delivering hits with bags of style and oomph. (Pity the Mayo Footballers were not there to watch and learn!)

Also below find the famous Cork recipe for Mulled Wine to keep you all going through Christmas.

And a big thank you to John and Ann who rallied well behind the bar all evening.

Mulled Wine

Serves 4- or 6 if stingy

110g (4oz) sugar

1bottle of good red wine (No Plonk)

Thinly paired zest of Lemon

A small piece of cinnamon bark

1 clove

Put sugar in stainless steel or cast-iron saucepan, pour the wine over and add all the other ingredients. Heat slowly; stirring to make sure sugar is dissolved. When hot but not scalding (do not boil!) serve in wine glasses with wedge of lemon if you fancy