Tuesday, 12 May 2015

FF7 Ladder Challenge

Who will be top of the pile for 2014 and look down on the lower rungs for 2015?

On the 22nd of May a Fast and Furious Challenge Blitz will take place to find who is top of the class. The Top 8 men and 4 Ladies will play off for the honour.


1. Ciarain O’Brien

2. David Lasableye

3. Aidan Clancy

4. Dave Quinn

5. Willy O’Doherty

6. Aidan Foley

7. Feargal O’ Dualaing

8. Frank Owens


1. Raquel McNamara

2. Roisin Breheny

3. Ann Twomey

4. Michelle Cawley

-First to 7 games

-No advantage


-Prize for Winners only!!

-If anyone unavailable next on the ladder will take slot

-No of Games won will decide initial rankings for 2015