Monday, 26 May 2014

Junior Badminton children enjoy time at Ennis Gymnastics Club without a racquet or shuttle in sight!!!!

Ennis Gymnastics Club proved to be a great hit for this years End of Season Event.Over 2 days 40 energetic bodies let of steam climbing ropes, jumping from bars,tumbling and lots more.

Many thanks to Veronica, party organiser at Ennis Gymnastics Club, she was wonderful with the kids & provided parents who stayed to help out with very welcome cups of tea and coffee. Veronica recognised many of the kids .. it seems that at least a third of our juniors have over the years been members of the club, it is a fantastic facility and it is safe to say that juniors of all ages enjoyed it.

This is what some of them had to say .....

David Neylon age 12 - “The pit with foam was great fun, it sort of sucked you in”

Cillian Foley age 7- “what I enjoyed most was hanging upside down on the pit bar with one leg."

Méibh Dorgan & Caoimhe Ryan impressed by climbing up the 6ft rope, Méibh even touched the ceiling.

Thanks to Paula Ryan who was on hand at the bar encouraging kids try it out; after swinging/hanging from the bar each child would land in an area which was filled 6 ft deep with sponge/foam cubes. The kids loved this however many of them told us they found it “hard work” getting out of the pit and some even temporarily lost their socks!!!! Oh dear, could this be the reason why so many households cannot pair up socks - just a thought?? :D

All this excercise made them thirsty and hungry so halfway through the 2 hour session they took a well deserved break at the party table.

It was great to see the kids mix so easily, many would not have met before as they attend different coaching groups during the week.

Lots of tired but happy kids then left with smiles on their faces while expressing their thanks for a “smashing time” to the Junior Badminton Committee for organising such a fun event for them. Before they left, each child received a goody bag, this of course made them even happier.

Wishing all juniors and parents a great summer.

Ennis Junior Badminton Committee

Mary Browne, Paula Ryan, Assumpta Murray, Eithne MacNamara & Hilary O’Sullivan