Friday, 4 April 2014

First social club event a great success.

Tonight marks the one week anniversary of the first event in the new social club calendar. Firstly, apologies for this post not appearing sooner. This is solely down to the fact that everyone involved in last Friday night have only just recovered.

The Tazmanian tournament saw 10 teams face off in some friendly doubles of all skill levels. It was especially great to see some of the top players in the club out on the court having a laugh with the newer members. From the tennis on display I think it's safe to say there were some surprises on both sides :) There were of course prizes for the winners and in the end those victorious were rewarded with no small amount of chocolate eggs. Once the games were over, those brave and good looking enough gathered on court no.2 to perform a dance for a music video no less! These outstanding individuals can be seen on video during the Ennis Street Festival come July. Shoutouts to Ana Bella Alvarez for organising this portion of the night.

After all the outdoor activities had concluded the entire group retired upstairs to the bar where the real fun began. There was plenty of food on offer, most of it generously home made. Thanks to Ann O' Hanlon the bar was well stocked and a good thing it was too! Also of note was the open speaker system provided by Liam Mockler which allowed anyone to plug in their own music, leading to some very 'interesting' conversation. It was truly a joy to see the bar so full of members young and old all having a great night. Something the social club aims to keep up. I feel special thanks are in order at this time to our wonderful barman, Frank Jiruse, who continued to serve until 4am, even though he had to be up for work again at 7. He is indeed some man for one man, as they say.

This was by no means a one off event and we are looking forward to growing the social side of the club which has been lacking in recent times. Of utmost importance in to try to integrate the tennis and badminton social scenes which are somewhat separate entities at the moment. With the badminton crowd being much more accomplished in this regard.

Of course none of this would be possible without Nicola Tassie, whose drive and commitment created this initiative. It was somewhat embarrassing that it took a relatively new member to come in and shake things up, but I think I speak for us all when I say long may she shake. Her strength both on and off the court are sure to benefit the club in years to come.

Special thanks go out to Alan Loftus, Aine Jones,Frank Jiruse and John MacLaughlin who were invaluable in organising the night.

So with that I'd like to announce that the next event will be a table quiz happening upstairs in the club bar in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on here, the club facebook page or even twitter if that's your thing, for details on that. Also, if you have any questions or ideas, Nicola is now sitting on the committee representing all things social so just seek her out and I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

-Robert Dunne, PRO