Monday, 23 July 2012

Badminton Europe Summer School Slovenia 14-21 July 2012

Al Bredin's highlights of the week

I really enjoyed the coach education courses in the morning which covered a variety of disciplines. The most interesting of these was the course on net play where we learnt about the flight dynamics of the shuttlecock and how to place proper and effective spin on the shuttle. Budi Santoso held a particularly interesting course on the different aspects of multi feeding. I was fortunate enough to have Stefan Ljutzkanov as my staff coach and mentor. He was a mind of information on many aspects of the sport. We discussed at length how to vary the pace and intensity of the various sessions. Also a very important part of the learning was about the planning and periodization or phasing of the session. Sleep deprivation due to the hectic work schedule meant that the preparation of session plans was done when we had run out of steam at the end of the day. However, all the hard work was worthwhile and despite the tiredness I learnt a lot.